Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sleeping Miracle

Okay, so I've been rocking Amelia to sleep forever. I don't think I've EVER let her cry it out before in her life. The last three nights (AND naps) I've given her a bottle and then laid her in her crib pretty much awake. I put her "ocean sounds aquarium" (or whatever that thing is called) on and give her a small board book that she likes to play with... the next time I go in to check on her, she's fast asleep! NO JOKING!! Even if she doesn't fall asleep for a while, (sometimes 20 min or so) she just quietly lays in her crib! I'm just amazed. I haven't heard a peep out of her for the last several nights either. I think it helps that she doesn't seem to be teething at the moment.

This is probably just a phase but I'm banking on it while I have it! I've found that it's SO hard to put her for a nap on the days I babysit because the 2 year old doesn't have a morning nap and trying to keep her out of trouble while a put Amelia down is VERY difficult. I think that's how this all originated. Amelia has been doing awesome, I'm so proud of her!

I got that musical crib thing when Amelia was 6 months old. I'll be using one on my next baby from birth!!!

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Festus Foo said...

I'm glad you found something to work for you and Amelia. Riley has the same crib thing and we also use it everynight for bed-it's part of our routine. She also loves it!