Wednesday, February 13, 2008

¿Que es la problema Amelia?

This is a song we like to sing to Amelia every once in a while when the situation warrants it. It won't be long before Amelia realizes that Yes, she DOES have the weirdest parents in the world. We do have so much fun though.

Lately, Amelia has been a little more "drooly" and yes, a little bit more irritable so while we were playing on the floor I started tickling her and as she laughed I took a peek in her mouth. I found that Amelia had not one, not two (no, not even three) but FOUR new teeth peeking out from her top gums. She's going to look like a completely different kid in a few weeks! This brings her up to seven teeth so far (but who's counting?) It just amazes me how fast Amelia is growing.

We are looking forward to another eventful weekend. Joe's family will be coming to visit us tomorrow and hopefully Pete and Amara will be able to come up this weekend. We're also hoping that Ashley and Josh will also be around.

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Festus Foo said...

7 teeth!! I've gotta see a picture when all those come in.