Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sick Day

For the first time ever, Amelia is sick. Of all the firsts we have been looking forward to, this was NOT one of them! Mia began projectile vomiting after her 1am feeding, and after a few sleepless hours, she did so again. After calling home and reading on the internet about a dreadful scenario that would require immediate surgery, we called the doctor to see if we needed to come in. The doctor was a bit less concerned, and remarked that there is a stomach virus going around (another "ding" for Daycare!). He suggested giving her Pedialyte in increasing amounts and gradually move to formula if she's able to keep it down.

She has been doing pretty well since we started giving her the Pedialyte, and have already begun trying to switch her back over to formula. Given the situation, Mia has been a real trooper. Let's hope she can kick this thing soon!

I am grateful that this happened on a Saturday as it gives us the whole weekend to relax and get recover.

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