Saturday, September 5, 2009

Potty Training, Day 1.

We finally decided to take the plunge and get Amelia to use the potty. I hadn't been in a rush to train her but since her pals Natalie and Grace are both starting the process I figured now was as good a time as any! I started by reading "Potty Train Your Child in a Day" and gleaned some tactics here and there. I got her potty and put it in the living room and filled Amelia full of juice and watched what happened. She sat on the potty for over an hour watching an Elmo Potty Video, drinking juice, and reading books about going to the bathroom. She didn't go at all, she got up to turn the light on in the Dining Room and... well, you can guess what happened. I needed her to go on the potty at least once so that I could do the victory dance! We gave up for the day. Today she sat on the potty once and then later went again on the "big" potty. I was so proud. I danced all around, gave her a sticker on her potty chart, called the grandparents, and she got 2 skittles. And then nothing. After naptime she had one more "victory" but many more misses. At one point while I was changing Andrew, Amelia peed in her pants, took off her undies and was sitting on the potty when I came out. So she is taking some strides :-) She's also very capable of putting her undies on and off, wiping, flushing, and washing her hands quite independently. I'm going to focus as hard as I can for the next few weeks and hope that it works!

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