Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sick Already!

Andrew is spending his two-week birthday in the hospital! He had been congested over the weekend and when he started throwing up I took him to the doctor even though he didn't really have a high temp. His pediatrician tested him for RSV and he was positive so they admitted him just because he's so little! His O2 levels are low so they're just keeping him on oxygen overnight. I hope he'll be well enough so that we can go home in the morning.

I'm exhausted, Joe and I are taking turns sleeping but as you can imagine it's not easy to get comfortable in a hospital room! Amelia is spending the night with her BeBe and Papa. I thank God that my parents can help out at the drop of a hat because it seems like Amelia has practically lived with them over the last two weeks. It's been tough though. I feel like I haven't spent much time with Amelia since Andrew has been born. I know that it will get better over the next few weeks/months but it's a little difficult right now!

I really miss my daughter and feel so bad for my poor son!

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