Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Letters and Numbers and Elmo Oh MY!

Amelia has been surprising us all lately. It all started when I was playing on the floor with her in her room and Amelia points to the inside of her pretend microwave on the kitchen and says "eight!" I look at where she's pointing and sure enough there is the number 8 on a tiny sticker (I think it was part of the assembly instructions or something). She then pointed to the number 8 on the pretend microwave and said "eight!" I thought that Joe must have taught her that since I knew I hadn't! I asked her where 1 was and it was lost on her so I figured it must have been another "trick." Joe told me that he hadn't taught her that though and he was just as surprised as I was.

Then the other day we went to my mother's house and Amelia is writing on a piece of paper with a pen. Crystal and Joe start laughing and told me that Amelia wrote the letter M and then said "M." I didn't believe it until I went over to her and asked her to do it again and she did! Where is she getting this from?

I'm convinced that Amelia is learning these things from Sesame Street. Yes, I know that we should not allow children under 2 to watch tv (and I kept the tv from her for quite some time) but somehow Amelia discovered Elmo and subsequently Sesame Street entered our lives.

I just can't think of another good explanation as to why Amelia would randomly know such things as "M" and "8." Yes, we count with her, and yes, we read alphabet books and sing the alphabet song but I'm not ready for Amelia to be this "grown up" yet! Pretty soon she'll be writing her name on the top of her drawings! I guess I just didn't realize how smart one can be after only 20 months of life. It still amazes me that Amelia can lead the way to her doctor's office after only being there a few times. She has a better sense of direction than I do!

It's going to be so fun to watch Amelia learn and grow but I'm going to miss my baby girl! It's just happening so fast!

By the way, this post was brought to you by the Letter "M" and the number "8".

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