Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Joe and I went to our 12 Week appointment for little "snoopy". The heartbeat was a strong 158 bpm. The doctor found the heartbeat quickly which is always reassuring. She said "It's still there!" I don't think Joe and I will be able to wait to find out the gender so we will be finding out on September 29, 2008!! We have to go to Portland for the ultrasound. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going already! February will be here before we know it!

If you haven't guessed the gender and due date, please make your guess HERE!! The game name is babydonahue. I'm personally guessing a girl, but we'll still cross our fingers and think "blue"! Of course we'll be happy with either. Joe is feeling slightly surrounded by "all his ladies" but what's one more?

I need to update some more pictures of Amelia... maybe I'll take a couple at VBS tonight.

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