Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two Front Teeth for Christmas

This post is long overdue. After two weeks without the internet I've started to experience withdrawals :-) Amelia has kept me busy though.

The trip to Maine happened pretty much as planned. Amy and I drove out on Thursday morning, 12/20/07. We stayed overnight in near Rochester, NY and made it home on Friday night. Joe called me some time on Thursday to ask me if I had felt Amelia's gums lately. Apparently Amelia had cut two teeth!! She has her two bottom front teeth. So cute.

My dad and Joe made it home late Saturday night. I was glad that they were able to be here for Church on Sunday morning.

We're pretty much moved into our new home. We've had some problems with one of the bathrooms not working but that has been fixed today so that's done. The church has been WONDERFUL to us since our arrival. They've been giving us bags of food, fresh garden vegetables, clothes and toys for Amelia, etc. We feel so welcome and look forward to serving the Church here.

Joe has been EXTREMELY busy. He's been working with church leaders to find out the status of the youth group and has already been to several youth events including an all-nighter and youth group meetings. He's also trying to keep up with work as well. It's been difficult as we have not had reliable internet but he's been finding time to work at my mom's house or at the library.

Friday night Joe and I are taking my parents and three other friends to The Sedgley Place for dinner to thank them for all the work they've done on our house. They have painted EVERY room in our home and did a lot of cleaning, etc. I'm looking forward to going out. It will also be Amelia's first overnighter with Grandma Donahue.

Amelia is sort of getting on a new routine. She's been eating and sleeping well. She's in be by 7:00 almost every night and for the past several nights she's been sleeping til 5:00 but will then wake up for a couple hours before going back to sleep around 8:00.

That's all for now. I hope to have pictures in my next post!

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