Sunday, November 4, 2007

Five Months Today!!

Amelia is five months old today. It's so amazing how fast time flies. I can't even believe how big she's getting! She went to the doctor a week ago and was up to 17 pounds. It's still about "average" and other than a nasty cough she's healthy.

One of her daycare teachers told me (in front of other parents even!) that Amelia is one of the most "good natured" babies in the room! This makes me feel good considering that there are some people at work (her aunt included) that said that Amelia was going to be spoiled because I held her too often while I was on maternity leave :-) or that I pick her up too quickly when she cries. Regardless of how much she has been "spoiled" by me, Amelia has been very content most of the time (unless she's hungry of course!).

Being a first time parent has been difficult for me as I've been getting so much "advice" on how to raise Amelia and all the various things that I could do differently but all in all she seems to be doing well and that's all that should matter :-) It makes me feel good to know that she does so well at daycare too.

That same teacher also told me that you can tell Amelia is very stimulated because she wants to be moved around to different activities often. My own observations are that she is very curious and wants to see EVERYTHING. One of the activities we do together is actually folding laundry! I waive the clothes over her face brushing her face ever so slightly and she loves it! She's a good little helper.

Amelia has been sleeping SO much better this month. She continues to wake up once during the night, usually between three and four a.m. I've actually noticed on most of the babies' sign-in sheets at daycare have the same sort of schedule (last eat: 4:00 a.m. ; wake up time: 6:00) so I'm guessing this may continue for a few more months since the babies at daycare are a bit older than Mia. Really ever since she was about six weeks old she was getting up at midnight and four. Now it's just four so I feel like we're making progress.

Amelia has started on cereal and is eating rice and oatmeal. We're working up to three times a day. She seems to be doing well and I think it's helping with her sleeping.

Dad's Note: There are moments where the challenge of being a father seems overwhelming, and other moments where I experience unsurpassed joy in our 17-lb ladybug. Last week I had to take Amelia into the doctor's office all by myself, and that was a serious challenge. The worst part of the doctor's visit is that I know I need to memorize everything that transpires for when I get home and face the Spanish Inquisition. But then there are days like yesterday where I had downloaded a couple new songs from iTunes and the three of us danced around the living room. It's crazy what a guy will do just to get a girl to giggle.

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