Monday, September 3, 2007

Sunday Afternoons....

Yesterday we had a bunch of people over to eat Hy-Vee Pizza and various sides. It was a typical Sunday afternoon although we often go out to eat with friends after church (it's becoming easier to go to people's houses now that we have a WONDERFUL three month old who doesn't always do well in restaurants!)

It got me thinking about how things will probably change when we go back to Maine. Although we have a lot of friends on the east coast, several will be hours away and it won't be possible to see them on a weekly basis. Here, there are so many "T&T"ers (twenties & thirties) that we've known forever and we can easily have an instant party of 10 just about anytime we want to do something. We'll have our family of course, but that's a given and it's a little different. I guess I shouldn't worry about it right now since we've got a couple more years before we move back. Not to mention that several of our friends here are in seminary and will be moving on as soon as they are done.

Part of my apprehension is that Joe and I have only planned up to this part of our lives (well, minus Mia :-) ). We knew that we would be at seminary but after that... no real plans. It will depend on a lot of factors and we are simply faced with the unknown. I'm happy with where we are now so this probably should remain my focus at this point in time.

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