Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Good Job Amelia!

I'm still kind of bleary-eyed these days but Amelia did sleep until 2:00AM last night. That's a four and a half hour stretch for her. I hear five hours is considered "sleeping through the night". Mia however goes to bed early so that means even five hours of sleep will be waking up in the middle of the night for most people :-) I'm resolved to the fact that I will probably never sleep a full night again but I'll settle for four or five hours at a time any day!

Joe's been really busy at work and to make matters worse he will be starting class in a few weeks. I'll miss him for about two weeks during his module class when he'll be out til 10:00 PM. I guess Amelia and I will have to find a way to entertain ourselves while Daddy is gone. I might go hungry though, since Joe's been cooking dinner every night!

I'm still transitioning into the work mode. It's been a difficult couple of weeks. I'm sure it will get easier as time goes on. I've been able to visit Amelia at Daycare for a couple days last week during lunch and I hope to do the same this week. Tomorrow Amelia has a doctor's appointment and she'll be getting her 2-month immunizations...Ouch!! That's going to be a tough visit for both Mia and her mother. I'm sure we'll survive though... hopefully.

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Patty Donahue said...

Hello Julie,

I love your new blog site. I will check in often to hear about your and Amelia's day.. How was her two month doctors appointment. I bet they couldn't believe how much she has grown.