Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a wonderful day! We woke up early so that Amelia could hunt for m&m filled Easter Eggs around the living room. Then it was off to church. We had a great Easter breakfast surrounded by our Church family. It was a truly great turnout. Church was wonderful, Joe's parents and brothers came for the service. We gathered at my parents house for Easter Dinner. We were so excited to see Carolyn and Sparrow!

It truly was a great day.

Andrew with cousin Sparrow

Amelia with Grampy
Amelia showing off her Easter dress.

Amelia walking with the grandparents at church.

Amelia's Easter basket consisted of bath letters/numbers, bubbles, and bath crayons. Fun!

Amelia hunted for Easter Eggs filled with M&M's.
The Easter Outfits. We were all in green and yellow. It's a shame I never got a family pic!

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