Thursday, March 26, 2009

Andrew is 1 Month Old!!!

I can't believe that my little boy is a month old already! Where did the time go? It seemed like he was born last week...

It's so hard not to compare pregnancies, births, temperaments, etc. between Amelia and Andrew but so far even though Andrew's birth was a lot more difficult than Amelia's, his temperament has been so much easier. Andrew is SO content and peaceful--he loves to be held of course but he's hardly ever fussy. He's been a pretty good sleeper too. I'm not ready for him to be a month old yet! While Amelia wasn't an especially DIFFICULT child, she definitely required a lot more comforting and suffered from reflux so she preferred to be held most of the time.

Andrew is pretty much over his bout with RSV but we are still taking it easy and not taking him out many places. The pediatrician told us that he really dodged a bullet and that it could have been a lot worse. He seems very healthy as of his 1 month checkup though!

We are still adjusting to Amelia's wonderful entrance into the "Terrible Twos" the past few weeks but she is getting used to Andrew and really wants to be a helper. I'm learning to divide my time between the two and I'm so grateful for my parents who have helped out so that I am able to have one on one time with each!

Amelia is getting so smart! She likes to call her mommy and daddy by their first names and has learned to repeat everything we say. This was evidenced by her statement of "Oh GEESH!" when I went over a bump in the road the other day. I was shocked at the phrase and the tone--she sounded just like me! Hopefully I haven't taught her anything more incriminating that that...

Joe has been extremely busy this past month with various church activities/work duties but we are hoping that now that this has slowed down a little bit we can all get settled into more of a routine.

Here are Andrew's One Month "Stats":

Height: 22 inches (76th percentile)
Weight: 11 lbs 4 ozs (90th percentile)
Head Circumference: 15in (54th percentile)

Here are some pictures of the little man!

And a couple of Amelia. 

Amelia was very EXCITED at first for this picture until she realized that she wasn't going to be the one HOLDING the camera:

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Riley, UhOh, and Beth said...

I can't believe Andrew is a month old already!! Time is sure flying! I love that first picture of him and Amelia looks so cute in her pigtails.