Monday, June 9, 2008

Amelia is ONE!!

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! Amelia has been busy this last month!

We've been down to South Portland to visit her grandparents on her special day (which also happens to be her grandparent's 25th wedding anniversary!)

Amelia cut another tooth. We are up to nine now!

Amelia is actually starting to LOOK at books instead of just eating them!

We went to Camp Mechuwana to visit with our friends from college who were running a camp there. Amelia met Mommy's friend Charlie's newborn son Silas too!

Amelia with Julie Hodsdon
Amelia with Amara VanAmburg

We've been to visit Mia's great-grandfather in the nursing home now that he's moved to Auburn for a little bit.

Amelia has been walking more than she crawls (at home at least!).

We've visited with Cousin Carolyn who is four months pregnant now. We will have a cousin soon!

We had a Birthday party!!! (More pictures will be uploaded for that later!)

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