Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Joe and I celebrated our 3 Year Anniversary yesterday (5/21/08). I spent most of the day babysitting for my aunt until late in the evening but we all went out to breakfast as a family in the morning!

Amelia decided to make our Anniversary a momentous occasion when she took two steps!! She did this twice but we learned that she will not do it on demand :-) Today my father came over and Amelia took FOUR steps! I had to call Joe to tell him because I was so excited! There's no stopping her now!

More News:

My Sister-In-Law Sara was married last Saturday in England. Although we were unable to go to the wedding we can't wait to meet her new husband when they come to the US in a few weeks!!

Amelia will have a playdate in a couple weeks. Our first "official" one. We've contacted some people on and we're looking forward to making some friends!

Recent Pics:

We love to play patty cake this is our "YAY" at the end after we put the cake in the oven :-)

We also like to play "This little piggy"
Some pictures taken outside of Grammy's House.

No one can deny that Amelia looks like her Grandma Donahue!
Amelia and Great-Grandma Donahue

Thanks for looking!!

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