Monday, April 14, 2008

Yet Another Milestone and a New Cousin on the Way!!

Amelia pulled herself up on a couch today. Her grandpa was able to see it! I'm still waiting for the morning that I will go into her room to get her and she'll be standing up in her crib. I know that it will be sooner than I'm truly ready for :-)

We also had exciting news on Easter Sunday. My cousin Carolyn will be having a baby in November! She lives in Virginia so we won't see her very often but I'm so excited that Amelia will have a cousin close in age.

We've been able to go outside for walks quite a bit lately. The snow is ALMOST gone. Just a few more days and hopefully we will not see another spot of snow :-) Amelia loves to go outside and blow bubbles:

Amelia loves to stand up and "walk" with her mom and dad. Pretty soon she'll be doing it on her own!
Amelia is almost exclusively on table food with the exception of two or three bottles a day (we've been using a sippy cup a lot during the day as well). Look at those teeth!

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kindrabible said...

Julie, she is getting so big! Wow! I miss you guys! I look forward to seeing you guys in August. I am assuming you are coming out with Joe? You better be!